Overnight at Opal Creek Test

Overnight at Opal Creek Test
Carus Elementary School students packed their bags for an overnight field trip to the beautiful Opal Creek Wilderness and Scenic Recreation Area in the Willamette National Forest. They had a wonderful time exploring the great outdoors and learning about nature. Read a first-hand account of the trip from one of the students here.

“Opal Creek” by Matthew Nasco

It started when we were packing, everyone had their stuff and we loaded the chaperones cars. When everyone was on the bus it was like I was trapped in a box of monkeys. Once we got there other kids were still leaving so we had to wait until they left. While we were waiting we got bathroom breaks. The smelt like 20 skunks just sprayed in there. Once we were all off the bus we got to meet our instructors which were Meghan, Simon, and my instructor was Maysa.

On the hike there was this gigantic Douglass fir and I mean it was the biggest tree I have ever seen. We saw a lot of cool stuff on the way but what I thought was the coolest was the mining tunnel, it looked like it would take years to get to the end of it. When we got to jaw bone flats, we got to check out our cabins. Our cabin was the best, cabin 4 it had two rooms upstairs and downstairs, there was a giant bathroom, a giant closet and a giant dining table. But the best room was the living room it had two recliners, a chair, a sofa and a coffee table.

When we got to the cafeteria I heard we were having vegetarian food, and I thought it was going to be gross, but it was actually good. What I had was jalapeños, cheese, sour cream, and olives. When it touched my tongue my taste buds were definitely happy. After dinner we did some activities, I chose "macro mayhem" which was down by the river. When we got to the river we tried to catch stuff but it was kind of hard until ooohhh!!! There was a salamander, we were all looking ... FLASH a black shadow slithers under a rock, we never did catch it but we still had fun.

When we went back to the cabin we played around and hung out. But then it was time for the night hike. The night hike was pretty boring so you don't want to really hear about. After the night hike we got ready for bed and told ghost stories and that was a day at Opal Creek.